All the knowledge about your suppliers in one place

Use your knowledge and data to your advantage with our Supplier Relationship Management system specially designed for the mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry.

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Our Solutions to the challenges of Supplier Relationship Management

We offer solutions to the five most frequently cited challenges in the purchasing of drawing-based parts:

# 1

Unreliable documentation of supplier data

Say goodbye to countless excel files by building a structured base for
all your supplier information. Collect and document specific
knowledge, helpful hints and tricks from your employees.

# 2

Intransparent overview of service portfolios

Search and filter your supplier base by categories such as manufacturing methods, materials, certificates, etc. You can also access the supplier base across different production sites and systems and identify potential new suppliers.

# 3

Lacking overview of supplier contracts

Benefit from a unified document management. Documents that were previously stored in different locations on your servers can be easily saved and viewed in the supplier profile (incl. assignment of read & write permission).

# 4

Deficient supplier evaluation and development tools

Evaluate your suppliers according to relevant criteria and explore development opportunities. You can also store personal comments on current procedures regarding the supplier.

# 5

Half-forgotten suppliers

Never again run the risk of forgetting suppliers who shine with with valuable specializations but are rarely in demand. Using concise keywords, you can easily rediscover them, even if the colleague formerly in charge has long since left your company.

Take a closer look at Findus SRM

Convince yourself with our Supplier Relationship Management System.

Find suitable suppliers

Filter your suppliers by categories such as manufacturing technologies, materials or required certificates. You’re also able to create profiles for potential suppliers to easily find them if required.

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Evaluate suppliers

In one function, you can both evaluate your suppliers individually according to relevant criteria and analyze development opportunities.

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Manage documents centrally

Keep track of important documents such as supplier presentations, certificates, non-disclosure agreements, audit reports and risk assessments.

3 Dokumente Management

Assign keywords

Create keywords in order to facilitate the identification of suppliers. This way, you’ll never again lose track of niche suppliers.

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Any other requirements or requests? Being a young and dynamic company, we adapt our services individually to your needs in order to offer you the best possible supplier management. Please feel free to contact me: