Automated understanding of your engineering data

Our AI reliably analyzes and compares technical drawings and 3D models so you can efficiently purchase components.


Cost savings in the purchase of manufacturing components

Up to

20 %

less component costs

Up to

50 %

cost savings in the inquiry process

Up to

80 %

cost savings in the process of creating components

Your opportunities with Abella

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Data cleansing and improvement of master data in the ERP system
Automatic supplier selection and inquiry processing
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Calculation of components based on drawings
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Transparency across all component purchase prices and identification of price outliers

Take a closer look at Abella AI

Our AI efficiently determines purchasing information of your drawing parts.

Automated analysis of technical drawings

Abella finds and analyzes important information in technical drawings, such as surface specifications, form and position tolerances, dimensions, post-processing methods, materials, etc.

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Analysis of 3D geometry data

Relevant technical manufacturing information is read from the 3D models and interpreted. For further analysis, the extracted data can be transferred as master data to your ERP system.

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Price calculation and supplier selection

Abella can reliably calculate a purchase price for your component and identify top 3 suppliers. A suitable procurement recommendation is provided to facilitate your purchasing process.

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Cluster analysis of components

Components are clustered by geometric features, size, and materials.

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Non Linear Performance Pricing

Components in a cluster are analyzed on the basis of costs and order volumes and plotted in a price-performance curve. This way, price outliers can be identified and countermeasures can be taken.

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Automated similarity analysis

Through a similarity analysis, similar components that are currently ordered from different suppliers can be requested in bundles in order to exploit volume effects.

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System integrations

We offer interfaces to all common PDM, ERP, SRM and PLM systems, especially to SAP. Nothing stands in the way of the optimal use of Abella.

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Which data is analyzed?

Step 1

Secure data integration of your own purchasing data, e.g. via Exchange Server. You send us your archived purchasing information, technical drawings and 3D models in advance.

Step 2

We feed this data into our AI so that the data analysis can be done by AI and then combined with external databases.

Step 3

Result: Structured data that offer many possibilities, e.g. similarity analyses, price calculations, supplier selection and linear performance pricing.

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